Oh What A Night!

I always like that song. Most people are too young now to remember it. Unlike the lyrics, it wasn’t late December back in ’63, but late July in 2010. Last night I saw what applying myself to making money can do.

I don’t have any real must have end-game recipes. Heck, my highest crafter is 70. So that means if I’m going to do ICC stuff, it’s through mats and commission. I’ll do that when I can track down said mats more accessibly. Fortunately, I’ve a Jewelcrafter in great shape and Enchanting too.

So yesterday I made various goods with all my professions, and saw a nice small return of 2,152g. Yes, that can be made off one item, but considering most of that came from level 70 armor, Eternal Belt Buckles, and some Primals that I had bought far too cheap, I’m happy.

Also, Tumunzahar had night number two in ICC. Me? Not a fan of the Plagueworks. Then again, the guild that was nice enough to have me come along with a 4.8 gearscore (btw, I hate gs) to heal was a bit annoying last night. Made healing harder when they were being obnoxious in vent. That said, we downed the dogs and Festergut. Nice fella that he is, he dropped some shoulders for me. It makes up for me losing a healing trinket from Marrowgar and a helm from Saurfang to the same Mage the night before. I’m disappointed we couldn’t get past Rotface, but at least I’ve now seen some of ICC10.