Everybody, Do The Monkey!

There’s plenty to talk about in the fallout of yesterday’s massive patch.  Rather than discuss changes in a class or role, something else caught my eye this morning.

Yes, this is another Glyph topic.  Before you cry foul or hit your homepage button this is a bit different.  My scribe is only 256, but I noticed two new Glyphs that I found interesting.  Both are minor, and if you were high enough when the patch hit you automatically learned them both:

  • -Glyph of the Arctic Wolf
  • -Glyph of the Monkey

When I saw Glyph of the Monkey, I couldn’t figure out why I still had it as  Hunters no longer have that aspect.  However, it’s not under Hunters…it’s under Mages.  That’s right, Mages have another polymorph option now.  Also, with the option to flip Glyphs in and out whenever we want now, being able to switch between Monkeys and Penguins with Mage glyphs means both will sell very well.  Since most people haven’t caught on to it yet, if you have a scribe, I’d toss a couple on the auction house and see how they sell.  I had one go for 30g.

The other Glyph is for Shamans, and is once again purely cosmetic.  It simply makes Ghost Wolf look like an Arctic Wolf.  Not as exciting as the monkey, but it makes me wonder if there are any others I might have missed or even ones that might be coming down the road.  Could we see a change in the Druid aquatic form?  Given the emphasis on under the sea adventuring in Cataclysm, it’s possible.   It’s also something many people have missed and as I mentioned it’s a great chance to put a little gold in your pockets before the masses catch on.

Lessons Learned

Does Your Bag Look Like This?Much of today’s patch (4.0.1) has been documented and outlined for some time.  I understood that glyphs were changing, but I was thinking of the glyphs themselves.  I thought how they affected abilities was changing, and that’s true.  However, as of today glyphs cost more to make.  That means they are going to cost more to buy as well.  This is only going to be more costly because you can now have all glyphs for your class and swap them in and out as needed (though only with a one time buy).

This price hike could’ve been avoided by some careful planning.  Seeing what glyphs would still be needed and then buying the new ones.  Even my scribes (although lower level) should have been working overtime to stockpile glyphs for today.  It was a missed opportunity from a gold making perspective and it is also going to be an expensive one for someone with multiple toons who will all now need glyphs.

Hopefully some of you were wiser than I.