Lessons Learned

Does Your Bag Look Like This?Much of today’s patch (4.0.1) has been documented and outlined for some time.  I understood that glyphs were changing, but I was thinking of the glyphs themselves.  I thought how they affected abilities was changing, and that’s true.  However, as of today glyphs cost more to make.  That means they are going to cost more to buy as well.  This is only going to be more costly because you can now have all glyphs for your class and swap them in and out as needed (though only with a one time buy).

This price hike could’ve been avoided by some careful planning.  Seeing what glyphs would still be needed and then buying the new ones.  Even my scribes (although lower level) should have been working overtime to stockpile glyphs for today.  It was a missed opportunity from a gold making perspective and it is also going to be an expensive one for someone with multiple toons who will all now need glyphs.

Hopefully some of you were wiser than I.

Another Peak Moment

Yesterday I pushed hard with a limited number of items, and was definitely rewarded for it.  Over 4.8k sold and I’m now sitting at just a sliver under 90,000 gold.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll wonder how that’s possible since I’ve made plenty of gold in the last couple of weeks.  This is true, but I’ve also continued to invest it.

I came across a couple of recipes that I didn’t have, while my Shaman also hit 40 and I decided it was time for her to have a mount.  As I hate the elephant, she’d been wolfing it thus far.  Now, she’s riding the Brown Bear from Mel Francis in Dalaran.  Pricey?  Yes, but her Engineering pets have easily made me more than 750g, which is the price of the bear.

I’m hoping to break 100k in the next day or two, so that’s going to definitely take some effort on my part.

Raid Day Profit

Monday was apparently the calm before the storm.  Yesterday, I listed a number of things when I got home from work.  It was a nice way to wind down after a busy day…however, everything I was listing was getting bought before I could even finish listing my other items.  When you have a stock surplus, that means you can re-list with relative ease (and let’s be honest, if you’re at this game on any level you should always have stock).  Even my re-lists were selling!

Sure, the standard items such as Eternal Belt Buckles, Frost Lotus, and various gems were getting bought, but it was many other things like low to mid level gems, Eternals, Cloth.  It just seemed I could do no wrong.  After 19 pages of Auction House receipts, I was looking at a lofty profit of 4.7k.  Not bad considering I didn’t sell anything worth more than 150g.

You Sell Some And You Don’t

Yesterday turned out to be another 3k day for me.  I didn’t see much in the way of progress though, because I invested nearly that much as well.   One thing I did decide to do was take my Mage to all the cities (he’s 50) of the Alliance, and hit the pet vendors.  For now I just bought four of each pet and I’ll list them one at a time.  Each one sells for 2-8g on my server so it’s definitely worth the four teleport runes I used to do it.

While 3k was a good day, I’m actually surprised by the number of items that didn’t actually sell yesterday.  If they had, I think that number would be closer to 4k.  At the very least it would have continued my trend of increased daily profit.

Even Mild Days Are Successful

I honestly didn’t get much WoW time in yesterday.  I was too busy during the day…and too tired at night.  Didn’t even random with Tumunzahar for his Frost Badges (though I did at least manage a VoA 25…those are rare for Alliance on our server).  Still, I put a few items up on the AH, and had Tumunzahar cut and vendor several blue gems after I had bought them raw from the AH.  In total, the day brought in just over 3k.  Sad that a day where I didn’t put in much effort is still the best of the ones documented thus far.

I tend to forget how much more action there is on the weekend, to which I attribute much of my moderate success.  Here’s hoping today yields the same results.

Another Day, Another 2k

The last 24 hours I can put some thanks into level 70 tanking gear, as well as some level 19 twinking gear (both leather and tailoring) as a thanks for 2,785g in sales.  Not too shabby.  I’ve still got a fair number of items sitting on the AH, and yesterday there were several items I bought in spades due to their low prices (Titanium Ore at 8g a piece…had to have it).

I’ve been very tempted to get the Mammoth from Sons of Hodir since hitting exalted with them a couple of days ago…but I just don’t want to deviate from making some coin by spending 8k right now.  Eventually I might.

Oh What A Night!

I always like that song. Most people are too young now to remember it. Unlike the lyrics, it wasn’t late December back in ’63, but late July in 2010. Last night I saw what applying myself to making money can do.

I don’t have any real must have end-game recipes. Heck, my highest crafter is 70. So that means if I’m going to do ICC stuff, it’s through mats and commission. I’ll do that when I can track down said mats more accessibly. Fortunately, I’ve a Jewelcrafter in great shape and Enchanting too.

So yesterday I made various goods with all my professions, and saw a nice small return of 2,152g. Yes, that can be made off one item, but considering most of that came from level 70 armor, Eternal Belt Buckles, and some Primals that I had bought far too cheap, I’m happy.

Also, Tumunzahar had night number two in ICC. Me? Not a fan of the Plagueworks. Then again, the guild that was nice enough to have me come along with a 4.8 gearscore (btw, I hate gs) to heal was a bit annoying last night. Made healing harder when they were being obnoxious in vent. That said, we downed the dogs and Festergut. Nice fella that he is, he dropped some shoulders for me. It makes up for me losing a healing trinket from Marrowgar and a helm from Saurfang to the same Mage the night before. I’m disappointed we couldn’t get past Rotface, but at least I’ve now seen some of ICC10.