Even Mild Days Are Successful

I honestly didn’t get much WoW time in yesterday.  I was too busy during the day…and too tired at night.  Didn’t even random with Tumunzahar for his Frost Badges (though I did at least manage a VoA 25…those are rare for Alliance on our server).  Still, I put a few items up on the AH, and had Tumunzahar cut and vendor several blue gems after I had bought them raw from the AH.  In total, the day brought in just over 3k.  Sad that a day where I didn’t put in much effort is still the best of the ones documented thus far.

I tend to forget how much more action there is on the weekend, to which I attribute much of my moderate success.  Here’s hoping today yields the same results.

Oh What A Night!

I always like that song. Most people are too young now to remember it. Unlike the lyrics, it wasn’t late December back in ’63, but late July in 2010. Last night I saw what applying myself to making money can do.

I don’t have any real must have end-game recipes. Heck, my highest crafter is 70. So that means if I’m going to do ICC stuff, it’s through mats and commission. I’ll do that when I can track down said mats more accessibly. Fortunately, I’ve a Jewelcrafter in great shape and Enchanting too.

So yesterday I made various goods with all my professions, and saw a nice small return of 2,152g. Yes, that can be made off one item, but considering most of that came from level 70 armor, Eternal Belt Buckles, and some Primals that I had bought far too cheap, I’m happy.

Also, Tumunzahar had night number two in ICC. Me? Not a fan of the Plagueworks. Then again, the guild that was nice enough to have me come along with a 4.8 gearscore (btw, I hate gs) to heal was a bit annoying last night. Made healing harder when they were being obnoxious in vent. That said, we downed the dogs and Festergut. Nice fella that he is, he dropped some shoulders for me. It makes up for me losing a healing trinket from Marrowgar and a helm from Saurfang to the same Mage the night before. I’m disappointed we couldn’t get past Rotface, but at least I’ve now seen some of ICC10.

What’s Under The Dust? Oh HI!

What a lapse in time it has been. Almost four months has gone by since I posted day two of my effort to get gold capped. I’d like to give this awesome celebratory update to say that I did it!..except, I haven’t. I’m not even half way there yet. As of last night, I think I was around 82k. In my defense, I was closing in on 100k when I bought an ICC tailoring pattern for a guildmate. Main reason: we have a few that could reap the rewards. Also, it was a fun thing to do. So, that set me back 8.5k.

I’ve also begun doing what EVERY gold maker should be doing right about now, and that’s investing for Cataclysm. To be honest, if I liquidated all of my assets on every toon, I’d probably be capped and then some. However, I’d rather keep making a bit of gold, while also investing. Part of my investing is that I’ve nearly capped my Blacksmith, my Leatherworker hit 55 and is working on getting that skill to 375, and my Inscriptionist/Engineer is working her skills up to 300.

As well, my Priest has been raiding more and doing more randoms. He’s also been subsequently dying (ugh to PuGs some days). Each time he dies (or the raid wipes), it’s about 15g. As well, I make sure he’s got all his pots and buff foods. So, while raiding can be rewarding, there’s a cost associated with it.

This says nothing of the fact I rolled a Death Knight and Druid (Horde) on a new server in late May. She’s Engineering/Enchanting. The Enchanting thus far is paying for both professions (though the Bombling recipe is helping when I can get Mithril at a reasonable price). To that I say, never underestimate the value of buying gear and DE’ing it!

Also, the final piece of the stalled puzzle is one I’m quite proud of -we had a baby boy on April 7th (which you’ll notice was four days after my last post). Love him. He loves to watch WoW. Hopefully the game will still be around when the time comes for him…

In closing, the gold will flow a bit more now that I’m tracking it again. Let’s face it, when you organize and track things, it goes much smoother and more efficiently. Also, that means I’m back and will be posting regularly. I plan to even deviate from gold as I’ve got a lot of fun stuff on the go with my toons.

(edit: as of now I sit at 82626 liquid gold. Haven’t checked mailboxes or done auction scan for the day either)