Karazhan Is Enchanting…Or Not

The Confines Of Karazhan

Taking a break from bringing Tumunzahar up in levels, I found myself taking Siori into Karazhan yesterday. At level 80, the place doesn’t have a tonne to offer. However, I like the place and she’s an Enchanter to boot. There was some disappointment, though, when I discovered there were three other Enchanters in the raid.

Short story long, we whomped Moroes and he dropped the Mongoose Recipe. Opportunity knocked, and I rolled a 16. Not only did I not win, I came in last. Real smooth.

If that weren’t enough, Surefooted dropped from three straight mobs. I lost all three. Yes, that means I was the only Enchanter on the run who didn’t get it. To make the sting sweeter, Terestian Illhoof dropped Soulfrost when he fell. The Priest who won Mongoose took it, too.

So, 0-for-5 on the recipes. Yes, I was tickled pink at this point. Imagine my surprise when Shade handed out Sunfire. Imagine the real surprise when I actually won it! I had to check my inventory just to be sure. I was nice to everyone and congratulated people as we went along. It really was a fun, laid back (albeit inexperienced in many cases) group. At the same time, I wish I had faired out better.

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