Mog Madness Results: Round Three!

Welcome to the halfway point of Mog Madness.  We currently have 15 contestants and after we’re done today we will be down to the final 10 with two rounds to go.  Much like last week, I will post the rules for round four in a separate post just for clarity and ease.  That said, let’s not hold back the results you’re all dying for!

If you missed the post yesterday, Guildmum had to withdraw from the competition this round and we judges did the right thing by offering her spot to the next highest contestant eliminated in round two and that was Nightwill, who obliged and returns to us now.  So, we’ll start with our returning contestant:


Effy: This particular picture does not show the fist weapons added for this set, which I think bring this piece together in the furry textures and teal weapon glow.  I like the addition of some feathers to the fur, giving this outfit more of a Wildhammer feel, especially with our Dwarven model.  Great combination of colors, textures and Shaman-feel. 13.6

TotA: She looks wonderful, and I’m glad Effy said that because I couldn’t put my finger on what she reminded me of at first, she does have a Wildhammer feel! Really like the combination of textures, no doubt to this lass being a Shaman! 13.7

JD: This is why you don’t put me in control, as the pic was my fault (with weapons can be found here.  That said, I was in complete awe when I saw this outfit as well.  The shoulder colours are great here as the brown slowly fades into the outfit, while the blue pops in nearly every location.  I’ve made it clear using the shirt slot to pull off a look is always a plus in my book and the Blue Lumberjack shirt is successful here.  The dark blue dominates at first, but then it all comes together fantastically. 14.7

Reluctant Raider

Effy: Great job repeating colors and themes throughout.  I like seeing the white fur repeated and the flow of the blues and browns and tans/yellows.  Good choice in weapons for continuing this.  A very cohesive piece and a powerful looking Shaman. 14.4

TotA: She certainly is a powerful looking Shaman. And I really think only a strong Orc female could pull off looking wonderful in her helm. Some races seem to be overwhelmed by them, not her! Lovely outfit! 14.4

JD: The first thing that got me was the weapons.  They work in a subtle fashion in that they blend in well with the outfit.  In most cases we like vibrance, but not here.  The cloak is a perfect fit and as Effy mentioned, a great job of using the fur as a repeating sub-theme. 14.3


Effy: A great mix of Tier pieces here, giving an overall primal, shamanistic feel.  The weapons also bring these together well.  I like the “pop” of the belt, matching and simple, but giving some central focus and tying into the shoulders’ blades.  The only place where my eyes stop here is on the chestpiece.  The coloring is good and the piece is fabulous in its simplicity, but it does not quite tie in with the fur and bones elsewhere.  The goggles are not “primal” but I think they let my eyes continue because of the glowing blue. 13.2

TotA: She looks very much a Shaman to me but maybe one with with a side line in engineering, love the goggles! Even her skin tone seems to compliment the overall look, I have no doubt the elements will do her bidding. 13.5

JD: I’ve made no secrets that I often fall back on Engineering goggles to complete an outfit, and so I like them here.  Not because of that, but because they work.  I like the Knight’s Chestpiece as it looks much better in game than in the picture, but I think Mail of Crimson Coins would’ve been a better choice.   You took the two blue hues from the shoulders and skirt and brought them together with the weapon and shield in a lovely manner, but based on where each colour is in the grand picture my eyes had a bit of trouble determining which one to focus on. 13.5


Effy: I like the warm browns of this outfit, and I really like the patterns of the pants.  These patterns continue well into the gloves and feets and belt, the belt tying back to the tealish glow of the shoulders.  I also actually like the helm – in the fact that it matches, and has a horned-helm look due to the Draenei’s horns.  The chestpiece is my only speedbump here.  It is so close in color and warmth, but yet it catches me just a bit. 13.7

TotA: Well, I’ll have to eat my words, not only an Orc female can carry off a helm! I love her helm and she wears it well, I like the pattern in the legs and the touch of color in the belt. And in this case I think the amount of skin showing compliments the outfit very well. 13.8

JD: I’m with Effy on this outfit, but the difference is the chestpiece felt a little battle worn to me in shade and I have no problem with our models seeing some combat!  The whole package struck me in a good way as I really liked it.  Whether intentional or not, the outfit does have strong Vrykul tones and while I expressed my appreciation for Vrykul females, it hurts the originality a bit in this case.13.6


Effy: Great color punctuation here.  The orange of the beard is reflected in the maces and the chestpiece, drawing them together, and the teal is repeated well also throughout.  The only part of this composition I would like to see repeated more is the bones of the helm.  They make for a great accent, but are only shown once, with great prominence and no real followup. 14.1

TotA: Really like the colors, the orange of the beard echoed throughout the outfit really accents the teal beautifully. A fearsome countenance indeed! 14.0

JD: As Effy says, the orange is beautifully done here.  I’ve said during the competition that model choice can make a big difference and this is a fine example (though not the only one this round).  Getting a weapon with an aura to match the shoulders was solid and the chestpiece brings it together nicely.14.1


Effy: Another great mix across Tiers.  I like the bold red repeated in the kilt, boots and chestpiece, and even a little in the gloves.  I love the use of a wholly Horde piece – the Bastion of Resolve – and its good fit with the outfit.  The axe is also great, with its perfect teal tie-ins.  The helm and gloves add just enough bone accent.  Everything here speaks of coherence, bold colors, and a strong primal and elemental presence. 14.5

TotA: Shaman and Hunters must just know how to wear a hat because I’ve loved them all this round. The red in the kilt works wonderfully to me and like Effy says the bone accents are perfect, wonderful all round! 14.4

JD: I like the use of reds here, as well as the bone undertone.  They do a great job, while the shoulders don’t get lost in the shuffle.  I’m not 100% on the chestpiece, but it’s close and everything else works well. 14.1

Blog of the Treant

Effy: Kudos to a Shaman with a staff!  And do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  (From a Shaman historically horrible at acquiring shields and who has spent multiple Tiers sporting a staff.  heh)  This staff makes for a great complement to the requested shoulders for this Round.  Oh!  There is a great matching bow too!  (Hmm, so maybe not a Shaman, heh.)  I love the perfect color and great primal style of this Orc lady’s hair in relation to the outfit.  At first, the gloves threw me off, but upon looking at the outfit from several angles, I agree they match the different pieces of the outfit well. 13.8

TotA: Well, if I had hair that lovely I wouldn’t hide it either! Everything works beautifully together, and I love the staff with the outfit, very nice. 13.8

JD: I feel the chestpiece and belt flow into the skirt just a little bit better here.  As Effy said, wasn’t sure on the gloves but took a good long look and they do work.  Yes, kudos for matching up a staff.  My Shaman loves her staves, so she gives you full support. 14.1


Effy: I really like the simplicity of this outfit.  I like the scaly textures complementing the fur of the shoulders.  The sword is also a good match, and would probably be a great piece for a low-level Hunter.  My pause is is in the fact that swords at max level are strength items, and not luckily to be an option for a max level Hunter. 13.5

TotA: I like the understated look. She looks business-like and someone who’ll get the job done, whatever it might be. I like the fairly simple chest not competing with the shoulders and picking up pattern in the legs. 13.6

JD: This feels like an Alliance soldier in Northrend.  I would have come across her in one of the snow zones…okay, perhaps not as she’d catch a chill in the midriff.  Still, the sword and the colour blends do give the appropriate feel.  I like that the shoulders and goggles “pop” above the rest of the outfit. 13.9

Andrew (Elune)

Effy: I was not sure at first, but I like what the chestpiece brings to this outfit.  It has a matching texture to the fur of the shoulders, and the yellow center cuts nicely down to flow into the belt.  The furry textures continue into the pants.  Still not overly fond of this mace, but admittedly it goes well with this outfit, and it seems less overwhelming on a stouter model.  The Chalice is a strange choice – the colors work well and it still gives the idea that our Dwarven model is keeping his endurance up with some liquid courage between casts, however, the Chalice strikes me as more Priest-like and in a place I would more expect to see a mug. 13.2

TotA: Well, if anyone can carry off that mace it’s definitely him and even if it weren’t I wouldn’t have the nerve to tell him. He looks formidable! And I was happy to see a Dwarf who didn’t forget to bring along liquid refreshment! 13.5

JD: Hated the mace in the first round, love it here.  Without reiterating what the others said, I feel like I’m staring at Azeroth’s version of Frostilicus…and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I want to do a quest where I have to thaw a dwarf and it’s this guy. 13.9

Sean B

Effy: I find this set a little visually confusing.  From the waist up, I see a solid Shaman-like setup based around the shoulders and their brown and teal.  From the waist down, I see a setup more based around greens – the kilt and the bow.  The belt seems to be both the meeting point and a solid dividing line in the cohesion.  I think the textures all work well together, but I think the colors create paths difficult to follow in the piece. 12.4

TotA: I like the color scheme used, the tiny hints of teal were enough to bring it together for me. And once again, she wears that helm well. 13.0

JD: I really like this outfit and did when I saw it.  Right down to the green matching the eyes, the bow, and the outfit…that’s good detail.  A few drops of teal do help with the shoulders, but the end result has a great outfit with decent shoulders.  They don’t feel quite connected with the rest of the outfit for me. 13.4

Kathleen T

Effy: I think this is a very well setup Hunter outfit, with two weapons that work visually well with the other pieces.  I am fond of the combination of these shoulders with this chestpiece, color and texture-wise.  I think the goggles look great in this setup, as they go well with the shoulders and they fit a Hunter persona a lil better than the more primal Shaman counterpart.  I like that the shoulders and their colors and animation are the focus of this set, followed closely by the weapons. 13.8

TotA: Really love the way that the shoulders and weapon stand out from the rest of the outfit. Seems a very Huntery look to me. And Effy’s right the goggles DO seem to just work a Hunter. 13.8

JD: The drabs of this outfit flow very well together with the brown in the shoulders.  Weapon choice brings together the “pop” effect in a good way and the goggles fit in.  For me personally, I saw a picture without the goggles, though, and for this model I felt that look was actually a better one as her eyes clicked better with the shoulders. 13.6

(bttf) Deb

Effy: I think this is a great female Worgen set.  The shoulders prove very prominent on this model, but not to the point of overwhelming.  I love the chestpiece and how well it complements the rest of the pieces.  I like that there is an overall focus on the browns, but there is a great punctuation of glowing teal in the belt.  I also like that the scythe is large and bold, but does not distract the focus from our model’s outfit. 14.8

TotA: Okay … just … yo dawg. Um, no offense meant Ms. Worgen. Really love it and the scythe is just perfect with Ms. Worgen’s outfit. 14.7

JD: SHE’S GONNA EAT ME!!!!  Sorry, Pumbaa just came over me as I picture getting stalked by this Worgen.  I mean, there’s worse ways to go.  This outfit is just a phenomenal “click” that comes together with the belt and shoulders.  A scythe?  A SCYTHE???  Never would have thought it, but amazing.  This is also where the model is perfect for the look. 14.8


Effy: This outfit is immediately eye catching with its shift to adding a fiery focus on top of the lightning – a Shaman is about the only class that can get away with such combinations, and I think it is implemented well here.  As much as shields are more common with Shaman, I think this tome is an excellent tie between the fiery yellow and the electrical teal/blue.  The part of the outfit that throws me off is the belt – the design fits perfectly, the splash of red draws too much attention from the rest.  Overall, great outside the box outfit. 13.4

TotA: I really like the use of a different color scheme, love the patterns, the whole outfit just says elemental power to me. Very different take, lovely. 13.5

JD: I have to agree with Effy here, with specific emphasis on the main and off hand as they fit things incredibly well.  The “hotter” yellow is really well done here and I think the idea was to have the belt tie in with the robe, but it does come up a bit short and takes away from the full outfit.13.7

Michelle R

Effy: I think this outfit does a great job of taking a different color approach and still making the outfit cohesive.  It looks kind of haunting on such a pale model, bringing the pieces out even more.  I like the addition of the staff – it makes for a good match to the outfit despite its more Druid-like feel.  Overall, I did have to mark down a tad since several of these pieces were all from the Brutal Gladiator’s Pursuit ( 12.3

TotA: I like the different color approach, it’s interesting to see such a range of ideas in these outfits. I had thought they’d be similar and they certainly haven’t been. She looks wonderful. 12.6

JD: I give a bonus for stepping outside the standard colour scheme for this outfit.  The shoulders work, and even more with the weapon choice, but they get lost in the rest of the outfit here.  As it is a “gear set” so to speak, that does hurt in the judging categories.  12.6


Effy: I like the fact that some of the areas I immediately felt work well in this outfit tie into the model’s skin tone.  The kilt is a different color then I would originally think to use, but the hooves and the hands immediately tie it in to the rest of the outfit and model, as a whole.  I also find the chestpiece and gloves to both be strange but well-executed decisions.  Once again, it is the belt that gives me pause – I love that it ties to the helm’s bones with the teeth and contains some teal, but my eyes are looking for either more purple or more of the earthy tones (leaning towards more purple). 13.8

TotA: I did not see purple coming but it really works! With all that color and patterning the end result comes out working together as a whole, very nice! 13.8

JD: The purple was very original and creative! I like many aspects of design here, I’m just not sure on them all coming together at the same time.  It creates a busy feel and I have to agree with Effy where the belt just doesn’t quite feel right. 13.5

There you have your fifteen contestants for this round.  I have to commend each and every entrant as you took a specific item you had to use, with specific colors, and each took it in a great direction.  You also varied it up incredibly well and unlike the previous round where it was a weapon, I think that was harder to do.  I tip my hat to each of you.  Now then, on with the scores:

  1. (bttf) Deb 44.3
  2. Reluctant Raider 43.1
  3. Cymre 43.0
  4. Missescake 42.2
  5. Nightwill 42.0
  6. Blog of the Treant 41.7
  7. Kathleen T 41.2
  8. Kamalia 41.1
  9. Tolbi 41.1
  10. Godmother 41.0
  11. Andrew (Elune) 40.6
  12. Bronwyn 40.6
  13. Harpy 40.2
  14. Sean B 38.8
  15. Michelle R 37.5

Another incredibly tight round.  We have to bid a sad thanks to another five competitors this round, while applauding Deb’s outfit, which ties Harpy’s second round entry with the highest score so far!  Another round of mixed emotions and tight judging, let me tell you.

Now, I know what you’re all dying to know now and that’s “what’s the stipulation for Round 4?”

Check back around lunch time EST.  😉

17 thoughts on “Mog Madness Results: Round Three!

  1. Erinys April 8, 2012 / 5:58 am

    Whilst I am of course devastated to be knocked out and will be spending the evening sobbing in my studio, I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with next.

    • JD Kenada April 8, 2012 / 6:04 am


      The next time around I think I’ll be doing things differently. Eliminating folks is painful for us as well, knowing the heart and soul people put into their outfits. To then have to do eliminations feels cruel sometimes.

      I can’t speak for the other judges, but that’s how I’ve felt at times.

  2. tomeoftheancient April 8, 2012 / 6:43 am

    Eliminating ANYONE has been terrible to me. The amount of work and thought put into everyone’s entries is evident. I now realize I could never be a rl Randy Jackson.

    Differently? JD’s got a twist? I’ll be surreptitiously checking my iPad through Easter dinner to hear more of your plan.

    • JD Kenada April 8, 2012 / 6:54 am

      Continue your Easter dinner. I don’t plan to discuss things fully until this event is over. 😉

  3. mataokashaman April 8, 2012 / 7:53 am

    Well—-crap. Those are all amazing. I live and die in a world fraught with metrics and rubrics and score sheets, and I know it’s not easy. And this will sound cliche when I say the real winners are the readers–I have a cache of ideas that I would not have had before. And just like I am a diva in my car and shower when I sing, I still create for myself. Thank goodness Simon isn’t in the shower with me, for many reasons. Now there’s the question: While you’re singing in the shower, which one, Randy, Simon, or Paula, would you like to scrub your back!? HAHA Okay. Random. Sorry. Anyway, take a bow one and all –

    • JD Kenada April 8, 2012 / 8:18 am

      I’m obligated to select Paula. Not because she’s well, a she. I just wouldn’t be comfortable handing either of the other two a luffa.

      • mataokashaman April 8, 2012 / 2:54 pm

        Didn’t even consider the luffa buff….HAHAHA!

        Get it? See what I did there?

        • JD Kenada April 8, 2012 / 3:02 pm

          Yes, yes I did.

  4. Bttf (Deb) aka Lunanox April 8, 2012 / 8:10 am

    I just can’t express how amazed I am that I came in first on this round! Everyone is bringing their A game and I am just thankful I don’t have to judge it. All of these outfits were wonderful. This competition has made me really pay more attention to transmog and to realize there’s still a ton to learn.

    Congratulations to the winners and here’s to even more spectacular outfits in the rounds to come!

  5. khizzara April 8, 2012 / 9:35 am

    I made it through yet another round? Craziness! Grats to everyone else that made it through — I can tell I’m going to have to pull out all the stops to have a chance of making it to Round 5!

    I see that there’s a link on the main Mog Madness page to Round 4 Rules, but when I click the link I get a 404. Have you just not posted it yet, or has something gone wrong with the page?

    • JD Kenada April 8, 2012 / 9:39 am

      It means it’s scheduled at this point. 😉

  6. kamaliaetalia April 8, 2012 / 10:49 pm

    These are all amazing outfits. My personal faves from this round are Nightwill, Reluctant Raider (are those Cata questing greens in that outfit? I think I recognize some of those pieces from leveling with my Hunter this past week), Godmother, Andrew from Elune, and btff Deb (who knocked it out of the park with her totally unexpected but totally awesome ensemble). I loved all those Dwarves doing the modeling in this round!

  7. alepicoli April 9, 2012 / 10:33 am

    Waiter, I want the same thing the contestants are drinking! 🙂

    I could never make a set with that! My creativity is limited lol

    • JD Kenada April 9, 2012 / 3:47 pm

      Not only am I impressed with the creativity, but just how diverse that creativity has been.

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