26 comments on “The Farewell “Tour”

  1. Remember, I’m on the backup list 🙂 if you really think I can be helpful while dead on the floor. I watched a video of the fight, defiles, ghostie thingys, crazed Vrykul, oh yeah and Arthas, geez. I almost got killed just watching the video!

    • I haven’t even watched a video…though I got as far as Saurfang on Tum.

      We could wipe for an hour on the first pull and I wouldn’t care so long as you come with us.

  2. i have a level 81-82 horde hunter and any alliance character that you would like me to take. just let me know in game/email/or here.

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  4. I have a level 85 Alliance Hunter I could bring, though I’m a bit shaky at playing her.

    Horde side my main is a Resto/Balance Druid, or I also have a Disc/Holy Priest and a Mage that are well geared. (I have other classes, but I don’t feel comfortable raiding on them.)

    I know ICC pretty well, since I’ve cleared it multiple times on both normal and heroic on my Druid. I’ll shoot you an email with my real ID info.

  5. Oh, JD, count me in! I might be newish to following your blog, but I’ve also never gotten a chance to smack Arthas, so I’m totally up for the ICC run. I’d like to bring either my prot pally or my ret pally and her prot pally partner in crime. All three are 85. Gurdrid is the best geared of the lot. (And I know nothing about ICC!)

    I’ll drop you a line with my RealID info.

    • I talked with my partner in crime – she has other plans, so I plan to bring Gurdrid (prot pally) for the event. I hope it’s okay that her mog outfit is kinda boring (though I did tie the green in her shield to her weapon with… the weapon’s enchant!)

        • 🙂 Well, she looks good, it’s just a very simple outfit I put together, since I used the Dark Iron set. You’ll just have to point me at my targets, and I’ll hope I don’t turn out to be a bad tank. My situational awareness gets a little ferrety sometimes. ( I’m not quite as bad as Tome claims she is, but I’ve been known to be paste more often than not…) Tanks are just lucky, the healers really watch out for them. 🙂

          • You know that old song “Groove Is In The Heart?” There’s that bit at the beginning where she talks and ends on “and have some fun.” That’s the key. 😀

    • Awesome to have you coming along!

      At this stage, I don’t know that we have any other tanks so that’s a boon.

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  7. I would love to go but need to see what time that would be for me, it would be the same time for Navi though. My family is throwing a B’day lunch for me…

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