12 comments on “Blog Azeroth: Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I don’t know what to say. I am so touched, thank you JD. You are too nice to me. I am seriously crying into the corn pudding I’m making right now. I know, it’s terrible but I can’t be off the internet long enough to prepare food so iPad.

    I had to run upstairs to reply on a real computer, hope no one notices.

    Thank you for the wonderful things you said, and hopefully you and the Missus will met up with us Old Lady Raiders if you can pry her away from Hearthstone.

    Hugs and kisses, you’ve made my day. I don’t even need any turkey now but I wouldn’t mind if the Raiders kick the Cowboys ass for me. Even if they don’t the day’s still made.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re back and you can yoink stuff anytime you want!

    • Not really sure what more to say, to be honest. Everything I wrote was true, and somebody had to be out with it sooner or later. 😀

      I agree the Cowboys need to lose (Giants fan), but letting me yoink your stuff anytime could be an unidentified euphemism.

  2. Awesome post & just wanted to say thank you myself for introducing me to WoW blogs (you stumbled on me/Mairwenn 1 day in Stormwind & put us on here & that was the start of it all for me) & always being an enjoyable read. Hope your day goes well & I totally agree…Tome is 1 of my favorites as well. *smiles*

    • I still remember that. I’m glad you enjoy the bloggers out there, and can’t thank you enough for the kind words!

  3. That was an awesome tribute to our amazing friend 🙂 I nearly cried and when I read that Ancient cried into her corn pudding I smiled thinking that is just what I imagined she would do! And reading this has cheered me up 🙂 I love you guys and happy thansgiving!

  4. Thanks again JD for participating this years blog azeroth thanksgiving event. I appreciate that your the ONLY ONE who participated this year actually. as always i remember that I was the one who introduced you to blog Azeroth so you can expand your ideas and know more bloggers out there. Im glad you’ve grown a lot through this event. Im honored to be part of that growth. Take care and please for all other bloggers pls let me know if you want to host the event next year pls do. just change it a bit and maybe it will not just focus on thanking for just wow bloggers but for anyone really. Take care guys I miss all of you! THANK YOU again for another WONDERFUL YEAR. Love you all! /hugs

    • I definitely owe you a lot in terms of where I’ve ended up community wise and that’s not something I’m to forget any time soon. Thank you so much for the kind and awesome words. I miss you too!

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