The Week That Was

Sure, I could say in the two weeks that was, but I honestly hit a dry spell where my time in Azeroth was next to none.  The past week, however has been pretty kind to me.

My Tauren Warrior Levache is now 22.  I’ve BG’d with him and I’ve run a couple of randoms with him and seem to be holding my own.  Sure, it’s early but I’m pulling aggro off the tank (Levache is Arms) simply because of numbers, and on a couple of occasions tanked when needed.  Still not sure about my confidence level doing so, but we’ll see how things go when my Tauradin starts to perform that role.  Saintvache has started seeing some play time as of late (only had the name reserved since Cataclysm launched).

Speaking of tanking…does this guy look like a tank to you?  Yes, that’s Logard.  Yes, he’s a Hunter.  Ran Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard in what was just a weird run all around. I joined the group as it nearly wiped.  I say nearly because I went Cheetah aspect and booked it out in time.  We lose a dps, but since the place is green for the healer and myself we continue on.  The Paladin tank does fine, but moments before we enter the outdoor portion of the place…he says “someone else tank, I’m going to eat.”  Then he’s on follow.  Yes, this is where I’m impressed.  So a Priest and a Rogue are with me.  We decide I should tank.  That my pet is a Raptor means he isn’t holding much aggro, so it really falls on me.  Oddly enough, I did fine.  Only missed one mob.  Of course, we get to the room before the final boss and ye tank returns.  Interesting to say the least.

Finally did some more healing on my Shaman, Carrera.  My random ended up being Dire Maul and I immediately noticed the tank and I were grouped with three Gnomes from the same guild.  I wish I could remember the name of the Khaz’goroth guild, because these three were a piece of work.  Despite outnumbering us, a ninja vote went through to get one of them kicked.  Eventually, they were all replaced and the run went pretty well.  Carrera even got some solid upgrades.  I celebrated by maxing her Inscription at 300.  Engineering still needs work, but I bought her the Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad, so I still felt pretty good about where she was at.

The only other toon to see some major play was Siori.  She’s a point shy of maximum Herbalism (stupid Twilight Highlands and all the Twilight Jasmine that requires 525).  Her Enchanting is nearly 500 as well.  But, the best thing of all was that she hit 85 yesterday.

I finished up Uldum on Saturday with the Harrison Jones chain (the keg sabotage quest creator can Die In A Fire), then got into some great quest hubs and stories in the Twilight Highlands.  The best of the bunch tells me the Drakkensryd was popular with more folk than just me as a quest that borrows heavily from the mechanic is in this zone.

Needless to say, I loved it all over again.  I’d also like to give honorable mentions to the wedding and Iso’rath.

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