10 comments on “The Good Samaritan

    • I’m tight with my gold, lol. I’ll buy an item and send it before I ever send someone gold. lol

  1. What a neat idea, JD!

    I have read of established guilds and people putting together Care-packages for newcomers to servers, but this is a different twist!

    ~ Effy

    • I’ve heard of the care packages as well now that you mention it, though I wasn’t trying to emulate that. It just seemed like an idea to do.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

  2. That is such a nice thing to do JD! It’s those little things that make the game such a great place. Kudos to you /bow

    Where were you when I was levelling?? 😛

    • Why weren’t you leveling in ?

      It’s like pulling teeth getting people to actually take/use the stuff I’d put in the guild bank. lol

  3. When I level alchemy I make sure to do this too. Random people or guildies. That +4 str elixir isnt so uber to you but its nice when your low level and its a great feeling to give and receive such things.

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