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  1. My dad always said parenting is the most important job in the world given to amateurs. It is so important. If you keep on writing, about any topic, I will continue to read.

    I have a lot more to say, but let’s just say the human behind the pixels completely, totally, absolutely understands. Blessings upon your family!

    • Heh,
      Thanks for the kind words. You’ve got my e-mail and can always touch base with me there.

      But yes, I very much plan to continue writing. There’s still all those cries for more short stories that I haven’t addressed!

  2. Of course your family and other responsibilities should come first, and it’s completely understandable that there are other things you need/want to do right now. It’s funny how WoW is such a social experience that it’s possible to feel like you’re letting other people down if you stop playing it, but you really do have to do what’s right for you. My only regret is that I only just met you through Mog Madness, and now it feels like you’re leaving (even though I’ll continue to follow your blog).

    Just remember that you do need some “me time”, even if what you do with that time isn’t WoW. 🙂

    • Mog Madness is totally continuing and I still plan to follow through on what else I had planned.

      I think if you follow the blog, it won’t feel any different. It’s only my guildmates and friends list that will notice a difference come the end of the month.

  3. All the very best. It honestly gets easier, but all of a sudden your kids are 17 and you’re thinking to yourself – how do I get back the time I could have had with them before they fly the nest. I think you’re making a great, but incredibly hard and painful decision and I wish you all the very best with your family.

    I used to do all my playing after they had gone to bed, but now I raid 2 or 3 nights a week and tuck them in during a break and they don’t actually want or need me about apart from that. My guild all know that any issues with them come first and are great with it. They appreciate that getting a spider out of my daughter’s room is far more important than killing internet dragons 🙂

    • Yeah, it was never a question with other people. Heck even PUGS were understanding if I said baby aggro (if you can believe that these days). For a while I was trying for that hour or two after work but as my wife starts her day early, I need to be up and about by 7 and that meant 5 hours of sleep or less. I’m not young any more. 😀

  4. I’m sorry to hear that JD but I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m glad to hear that at least you’ll still be blogging. Since I’ve stopped raiding and managing a Guild, things have been a lot more relaxed and happier.

    Enjoy your time away from the game and with your family and catch up on that sleep you seem to be missing too. I’m sure I’ll see you around the blogosphere 🙂

  5. I applaud your decision and certainly understand it JD.

    I was very happy however to hear you’ll still be here. I was getting nervous wondering where I’d find songs for my playlist! As Matty said the connection to other bloggers we feel really has nothing to do with a game but the person writing it.

    • That’s exactly why I made mention of the blogging community. You’re all too darn awesome to walk away from. I mean, a game sure, but great people are harder to come by. 😉

    • *blush*

      See? I can’t walk away with such a grandioso reputation! Actually, by NOT playing I will have to get more creative in my topics and discussion.

  6. Bravo to you for recognizing these things and acting upon your realizations. I’ll look forward to whatever you continue to write about, even if new posts from you come much less frequently.

    • I appreciate your support as much as the others. It really does mean a lot.

      As I say, I don’t expect things around here to be much different because I enjoy the writing (and quite honestly I have SO many topics banked).

  7. I have always said to myself that if I was ever lucky enough to bear a child, I would put aside my Wow addiction to raise that child. Like you said, you don’t want the TV to babysit your child(ren) and I don’t want to be that one mom that you only see the back of her head, unless you’ve interrupted my game so much that I turn to yell at you.

    I remember sitting next to my Grandmother when I was younger, watching her watch her soaps and day time tv shows, with her glasses of wine. I remember, later, watching my father sit at home, watching tv and movies after work. More content if my brother and I would just sit there and OH MY GOD JUST BE STILL FOR 5 MINUTES PLEASE!!!

    I had such plans for my own children. I would raise them with almost no tv. Or at least, no current tv. They would learn music and we’d hike and spend time outside doing science (bitches).

    I am so happy for you, and I will miss you so much in game. But, you said you’re not stopping blogging, so there is that. And, showing the world to a little life is so so so much more important then killing internet dragons.

    I’m so glad that I got to spend some time with you, if it is only 2 months. 😀

  8. JD,

    I almost missed this announcement in all the bustle and distraction of the past few weeks. D:

    I just want to say bravo for making the hard decision, and putting the important things first.

    Also, I know you and I spend the majority of our interactions swapping sarcasm and piognant musical retorts, but I want you to know I see your modesty beneath it and I commend you for being unafraid to be a “nice guy” and a great person. 🙂

    ~ Effy

  9. All the best, JD! Though decision. But real life > WoW, always. Good luck at the other side of the screen 🙂

    • I appreciate it!

      As I say, not leaving here by any stretch. The ‘Mog is strong in this one! lol

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