49 comments on “Let The Games Begin

  1. (grr…it timed out perfect when I was editing it)

    Now, for those no doubt wondering, here’s a list of who’s who:

    Slide Order:

    1. Arathor – Elisa
    2. Argent Crusade – Andrew T
    3. Argent Dawn – Banesidhe
    4. Bilgewater Cartel – Tyledres
    5. Consortium – Satsuri
    6. Darkspear – Ishtla
    7. Darnassus – Ysera’s Daughter
    8. Darnassus – Mychelle
    9. Defilers – Axiret
    10. Dragonmaw – Rhuanious
    11. Earthen Ring – Amaketsu
    12. The Exodar – Nathaniel
    13. The Exodar – Kaleri
    14. Frostwolf – Argo
    15. Gilneas – Chatmay
    16. Gnomeregan – Colby P
    17. Hellscream’s Reach – Darkfa1th
    18. Honor Hold – Missescake
    19. Illidari – Ishtaa
    20. Ironforge – Zidux
    21. Keepers of Time – Susan Ward
    22. Kirin Tor – Lylabean
    23. Kurenai – Matthew2
    24. Lower City – Draynee
    25. Mag’har – Khraden
    26. Orgrimmar – Miriarose
    27. Ramakhen – Cymre
    28. Scarlet Crusade – Mitchell
    29. Sha’tar – Dragonray
    30. Silver Covenant – Nerisandra
    31. Silvermoon City – Kamalia
    32. Silverwing Sentinels – Ninevi
    33. Sporeggar – Freyana
    34. Sporeggar – Mrs. Amateur
    35. Stormpike – Shoryl
    36. Stormwind – Classy
    37. Stormwind – Jax
    38. Sunreavers – Cyniclaus
    39. Therazane – Navimie
    40. Thrallmar – King Col
    41. Thrallmar – Silver Phoenix
    42. Thunder Bluff – Stoppable Force
    43. Undercity – Euphyley
    44. Warsong Offensive – Zuktheinsane
    45. Wyrmrest Accord – Alessandra
    46. Wyrmrest Accord – Kheiron91

  2. Great job on the presentation and Kammy’s running flag bearer made me laugh 😀
    You look pretty spiffy too JD!

    Good luck to everyone for the next few weeks… and the judges – I think you’ll need it too 😛

    • Thanks Cymre. As I said to Navimie, it didn’t turn out EXACTLY how I wanted, but I was still pleased with it (especially once I sorted the dang embedding issue).

  3. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for weeks! Really excited to see all of the other events. Somehow I foresee myself wanting to use a lot of the transmogs shown in them. 😉

  4. Sigh … oh Elcombe you’re so suave and … sorry, that was Cat, you know how she is about human males. I took over because I don’t want anyone to think that they get an unfair advantage. But still, Elcombe you’ve outdone yourself, great presentation!

  5. Ooh, everyone looks so awesome! Love what you did with the presentation and the achievement-type labels at the bottom. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to seeing all the events 😀

    • Honestly, I just love that both of you used a Female Goblin for your flagbearers. That’s all kinds of crazy awesome (and they both look great, too).

  6. Wow! Everyone looks amazing! This is going to be one heck of a competition. I’m excited to see what everyone came up with for the events.

    Wonderful presentation, by the way. Made the opening ceremony exciting and awesome 🙂

    • Thanks Freyana.

      And, yes, once again I’m glad I’m not the only judge because these are going to be close.

  7. Woot! Let the games begin!

    You all outdid yourselves with these flag bearer outfits. They look incredible! I’m so glad I didn’t have to score these, because, just… wow.

    Let me tell you all that judging this contest is incredibly difficult! All the entries are simply amazing. You will be blown away when you see them. 🙂

  8. Yay!! I’ll add my admiration of the opening presentation, and best wishes to all the contestants–and judges!–and let me also say I can’t bloody wait to see the medal events now!

    (what, me excited? … no, I just like exclamation marks. Honest. 😉 )

  9. I’m sorry to be repeating this, but WOW! (no pun intended) Great, just FANTASTIC job setting this up, it feels so official with its own slideshow complete with music! Awesome work JD.

    Also, let me say I am sweating here, everyone’s entries are just perfect, the set-ups, the weapons, etc, I love it. I keep telling my GM that he has to actually seeeeeee it to understand the extent of talent and time involved in this whole competition. Good luck to everyone!!! 😀

  10. Oh wow! Those are really creative outfits. It’s incredible how much a tabard can do for your mog, and how well tailored around the various tabards those entries are!

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