15 comments on “The A In BoA

  1. Nice feature is you can use them on other accounts linked to your battle.net account.

    I have two accounts and I can share my heirlooms across both. My mounts, pets and achievements transferred as well.

    • True, but again you’re still limited by the server you have them on. It’s great for the players who have two accounts, but still not so much if you have one and characters split across, say, two servers.

      • True.

        I guess I am in the minority that doesn’t worry about that. I am not a big fan of heirlooms unless I want to rush to max level. When I play alts on other servers this usually isn’t the case.

        My comment above was just to add other info on heirlooms.

        • Oh, absolutely and I wasn’t trying to downplay your comment in the slightest. I don’t mind the “journey” that comes with leveling either, it’s just something that continues to baffle me to this day. The new UI Blizzard has implemented merely made me realize there’s really no reason it can’t happen now.

  2. As someone who is currently grinding JP and gold to buy heirlooms (which I already own on one server) on a new server, I wholeheartedly agree. I’m hoping Blizz realizes that this is the next logical step in the account-wide technology. I know they were worried about duplicating heirlooms by using the same system they previously used to mail pets to all characters, but this new technology removes that issue.

    I’d actually love to see it as a new UI element on the character pane instead of part of the bank. You could have a menu similar to the titles section where you could just select the heirlooms you wanted to use from a list and it would equip them. That way, you don’t have to make the trek to a capital city just to get them out of the bank.

  3. The only issue I see with adding them as a selectable UI element is, you would have to enchant each item each time you pulled one out for use. A small issue for some, maybe, but when most Best-in-Slot enchants can run 500-1000g (at least on my server), that adds up to a pile of cash needed for every alt you level.

    • That’s an aspect I hadn’t thought of. I wonder if you could do it like pet battles. You could purchase the enchant you wanted the gear to come with for a nominal price. It would be the equivalent of training your pet to have a certain skill/ability.

  4. You just posted this and all these replies already? Geez we must be behind here in Australia.
    I just wanted to say I have very little use for BoAs. Those things are for alts, right? 😀
    Though I have made the mistake of buying 2 of the same boa for different toons when I did try to level. I wish there was a feature that said “you have already purchased this item”

  5. Needless to say I would love being able to send BoAs across servers, but I can’t get over that it was a year and a half ago? What? LOL! It seems only a few months ago, what is happening with time. Must be the older you get it speeds up.

    • Yeah, I’d have to agree on that getting older thing. I thought it was THIS year until I looked at the date more closely.

  6. This is partially the reason why my Alliance band of heroes have been stuck and not at max level (most of them are in the 30 to 60 level). I’ve done enough level grinding on 10 Hordies (soon to be 11) and would like to eventually have 11 Alliancies. It’s only a matter of time before Blizz turns on that “cross-server boa” switch, which they should have already done, like, yesterday.

  7. Oh, how I would love to make a decent level character on another server…although, to be honest, I would rather see a feature where you can turn off enchant designs implemented if Pandaria brings in a design that makes landslide and powertorrent look unnoticable…*shiver*

    • Toki over at Transroguerification has a couple great posts on Weapons that hide Enchants. It’s a great short term solution. 🙂

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