A Month Of Money Making: Week Two

I came into the week thinking I had ample time for farming and generating gold. In the end, I made money…but not as much as I thought I might. Spent some free time leveling instead (Hunter hit 95, Priest 94, Death Knight 77) and then life got in the way as it often does. But I’m still curious to see how things went.

September 8th was where I thought I would kick off a good week. The numbers out of the gate weren’t terrible:

Server 1:
-Sold Corefire Imp 82g66s
-Sold 4 Eternal Fire 36g28s each
-Druid earned 75 from 2 Garrison Missions
-Druid earned 73g from gear/gray drops in two Stonecore runs

Server 2:
-Sold 5 Zephyrite 98s each
-Sold Soothsayer’s Runestone 114g01s
-Sold Malachite 39s
-Sold Dreamweave Vest 404g16s
-Sold 3 Primal Fire 83g27s each
-Sold Golden Draenite 200g52s
-Priest earned 102g50s from 3 Garrison Missions
-Hunter earned 45g from Garrison Mission

Server 3:
-Paladin earned 30g from Garrison Mission

Total: 1520g 03s

So no complains about that, as it’s pretty well par for the course thus far. And again, it’s without sinking much time into things. The next day brought in the most money and that’s from one item I nabbed the week before.

Server 1:
-Druid earned 52g17 silver from vendored Garrison Weapons
-Druid earned 29g26s from 2 Darkmoon Faire Profession Quests
-Sold Swiftthistle 1g91s
-Sold Pattern: White Wedding Dress 10g52s
-Sold Battered Hilt 7,125g01s

Server 2:
-Hunter earned 32g50s from Garrison Mission
-Priest earned 60g from Garrison Mission
-Sold Alchemical Crystal (x2) 5g71s
-Sold 2 Spirit of Harmony 61g76s each
-Sold 4 Primal Fire 61g87s each

Server 3:
-Paladin earned 43g50s from Garrison Mission
-Paladin vendored two upgrades 22g26s

Total: 7,753g 84s

I’m still amazed at the fact people can’t calculate ten motes equal a Primal. Often times the prices don’t even come close to matching up. Though not all Primals are even worth the effort. Meanwhile, the White Wedding Dress pattern that easily sells for 10g on my Horde servers can be bought from the Thunder Bluff Tailoring Tent for a handful of silver. Easy money.

September 10:

Server 1:
-Sold Volatile Earth 6g78s
-Sold Jasper 7g18s
-Sold Hessonite 7g57s
-Sold 3 stacks of Blackrock Ore (x20) 21g11s each
-Sold Bruiseweed 98s
-Sold Chaos Orb 19g06s
-Druid earned 220g from Garrison Missions
-Druid vendored 2 Garrison Gear rewards 41g91s

Server 2:
-Priest earned 60g from Garrison Mission
-Sold Pet Bombling 124g46s
-Sold Ikky 2g18s
-Sold Meadowstomper Calf 96s
-Sold Imposing Belt 28g63s
-Sold Enchant Weapon -Fiery 19g03s
-Sold 5 Netherweave Bags 5g78s each
-Sold Mighty Rage Potion 49s
-Sold Alchemical Catalyst (x3) 9g98s
-Sold 3 Enchant Weapon -Fiery 16g18s each
-Sold Darkmoon Robe 36g12s
-Sold 2 Primal Fire 95g12s each
-Sold Pattern: Cindercloth Gloves 1,045g10s
-Rogue 25g earned from Garrison Mission

Total: 2,025g 84s

A big source of money came from The Undermine Journal informing me of the Cindercloth Glove Pattern. I paid less than 5g for it. Also, Ikky and Meadowstomper were less than 10s each just from placing a low bid. The Bombling I made, though. It was good that day went well because last Friday I really wasn’t even on, as you can see by the results.

Server 1:
-Druid vendored Garrison Gear rewards 106g74s
-Sold Goldthorn 3g81s

Server 2:
-Hunter earned 122g50s from 3 Garrison Missions

Total: 233g05s

Saturday was one of those days where I wasn’t on a lot and when I was I tended to be working on a toon…or hitting the DMF for easy Profession Quests.

Server 1:
-Druid earned 184g26s from 5 Stonecore mount runs

Server 2:
-Hunter earned 90g from 2 Garrison Missions
-Sold Battle Scythe 33g79s
-Sold 2 Enchant Weapon -Crusader 128g28s each
-Sold Primal Fire 107g47s
-Sold Mechanical Squirrel 12g36s

Server 3:
-Paladin earned 27g50s from Garrison Mission
-Paladin earned 25 from Autographed Hearthstone Card
-Paladin earned 400g through Frostfire Questing


  • (Lioux) earned 90g from 2 Garrison Missions
  • (Elc) sold Battle Scythe 33g79s
  • (Elc) sold 2 Enchant Weapon-Crusader 128g28s each
  • (Elc) sold Primal Fire 107g47s
  • (Elc) sold Mechanical Squirrel 12g36s
  • (Saint) earned 27g50s from Garrison Mission
  • (Saint) earned 25g from Autographed Hearthstone Card
  • (Saint) earned 400g through Frostfire Questing
  • (Zar) earned 184g26s from 5 Slabhide mount runs

Total: 1,136g 94s

Turned out better than I expected. It goes to show you just how easily questing in Draenor can add up, even at a low level. The good news is Sunday saw me pawn off a couple of Transmog items I had picked up on the Auction House for less than 50g each.

Server 1:
-Druid earned 235g from 2 Garrison Missions
-Druid earned 61g62s from vendored Garrison Gear
-Druid earned 190g from Vortex Pinnacle (x2) and Heroic Halls of Reflection run
-Druid earned 170g10s from Iron Seigeworks Questing

Server 2:
-Hunter earned 60g from Garrison Mission
-Priest earned 117g50s from 3 Garrison Missions
-Sold Solstice Robe 783g77s
-Sold Feathered Breastplate 380g60s
-Sold Geomancer’s Rod 38g23s
-Sold Enchant Weapon -Greater Striking 200g48s
-Sold 2 Tigerseye 25s each
-Sold Enchant Weapon -Crusader 171g03s
-Sold Mechanical Squirrel 15g21s
-Sold 2 Primal Fire 190g12s each
-Sold Alchemical Catalyst (x2) 6g05s

Total: 2,810g 33s

I’m actually surprised at that number. I didn’t think things came in that high. The one thing to note is if something isn’t on the Auction House, there isn’t any harm in shooting high. Primal Fire seems to go 100-130g no Server 2 right now but since there weren’t any at the time I decided to put the pair up for 200g. What do you know?

Yesterday I did a little bit more leveling because I wanted the Hunter to be 95. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have much else in the way of time to play.

Server 1:
-Druid earned 275g from 3 Garrison Missions
-Druid earned 33g from Heroic Magister’s Terrace

Server 2:
-Hunter earned 95g from 3 Garrison Missions
-Hunter earned 468g from Shadowmoon questing and upgrades
-Priest earned 127g50s from 2 Garrison Missions

Server 3:
-Paladin earned 30g from Garrison Mission

Total: 1,028g50s

Total for the week was 16,508g 33s.

Wow. Without even really trying I managed to double my in-take in a single week. Now, we can attribute a huge chunk of that to the sale of the Battered Hilt. Even without it, it was a better week but the whole point is to find out how you can generate the best income. I have a ways to go in order to do that, but you can certainly see patterns forming. Once again, there’s still no Firelands or Bastion of Twilight farming and at level 100 those are two very easy gold generators, particularly on 25-man Heroic. I also didn’t spend any time in the Northern Barrens farming Gahz’rooki. But as you can see, in two weeks I’ve already earned a month’s worth of playing time and haven’t put a tonne of effort into it. This week was the Hilt, and then mostly Garrison Missions combined with reading the Undermine Journal to get items low and sell high. The thing is, I’m not selling them at market value either. I tend to sell them lower just to move them quickly. The Solstice Robe has been sitting at 3-4k on my server and you can see I sold mine for less than 25% of that. So it isn’t always about making the most profit (though do so where you can) as it can be about making constant and quick profit.

2 thoughts on “A Month Of Money Making: Week Two

  1. tomeoftheancient September 16, 2015 / 7:14 am

    Good going! I wish I were more patient, I usually list things pretty low and if they don’t sell the first time I vendor them.

    • JD Kenada September 16, 2015 / 7:57 am

      If only you knew of someone with the patience and resources to help you.

      There are some items (e.g. Battle Scythe) that I half lose patience on and half realize I’ve nearly spent as much listing it as it’s worth vendored. I’ll then list it low and if it still doesn’t sell, I vendor it.

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