7 comments on “The Battle Rages

  1. Totally with you about Anduin’s helm ^^

    About Sylvanas, she is a banshee. Although she recovered her physical body, she is still a banshee, and as such, she has that more monstrous form and a range of dark abilities.

    Great summary of the new features 🙂

    Any particular one you are most excited about?

    • I know she *is* a banshee, but she’s never used that power before in WoW (that I’m aware of).

      I’m excited that Sylvanas will be one of the main stories of the expansion, and that Vol’jin will be as well.

      I also like the idea that the Horde and Alliance are separate for 10 levels within the context of the expansion. Most of all, though, it’s probably the GW2 approach to scaled leveling. But with 110 levels to get to before an alt can even experience the new content I do hope the xp gap is improved.

      • On the books her abilities as a banshee are mentioned a bit. And on Warcraft III.

        With the gear and dungeon scaling too, I think it will be quicker to level 1-110.

        Well, I guess congrats are in order. We guessed the course of the next expansion on your post “Dee King….Has Returned” 🙂

        One more thing, is it just me, or the troll shaman in the trailer had a lot of camera attention? Could he be someone we know, behind the mask?

  2. I agree that the two factions having completely separate leveling experiences for this expansion is very good and appropriate… but I’m already sad that I will never, ever be able to use the gorgeous environments of Kul Tiras as backdrops for Transmogrification photoshoots with my Horde characters 😛

    • Why not? I’m fairly certain once you hit level 120 you are able to travel to the other faction’s island. Of course we don’t know if there are any limitations in place with that, but I doubt you would be prevented from exploring the island at maximum level.

      • I was thinking that the faction-specific continents might be restricted somehow… but it is currently possible to get to Teldrassil or the Draenei islands as Horde (and, in fact, encouraged for certain PvP achievements), so I guess there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be possible to get to Kul Tiras as Horde at level 120.

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